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HANAROTR's UV LED Curing Systems Technology

HANAROTR's patent- UVLED™ system is the only high power UV LED curing light source with a field-proven, design for superior intensity, Air-cooling and optical range - engineered for just about any LED curing application.

Series Architecture

High Quality UV Curing

It is designed to maintain a stable UV output is the proper temperature to the internal heat dissipation design to keep the UV output decreases rapidly developing PCB temperature rise, UVLED LCM series.
The high intensity of the survey can be condensed by a special appearance by Linear lens array to form a line LED. Can represent the intensity distribution of a high quality with its respective UVLED PCB PB is controlled.
Also, you can respond to the customer's specifications for the survey length and width.

  • High Power UVLED curing
  • Quality Uniformity Optic for distance
  • No curing degradation
  • No lengthy time warm-up?cycle
  • No ozone generated
  • Approx. 50% energy reduction
  • Scalable, interchangeable UVLED Curing Modules
  • Multi-wavelength option

High Uniformity

The UV output of the high-strength, and by controlling the current applied to the LED to prevent a microscope for the specific section, so angry gwagyeong Chemistry uniform amount of light to be irradiated.

Standard the error range (±) : 1.13%

The change in intensity over time also minimizes the amount of light output degradation due to poor curing up to a mere 5%.

Good Stable intensity

This phenomenon decreases rapidly lit up at the same time as the temperature of the UV output is CHIP LED. 95% UV is designed to keep the output temperature of a heat sink design to remain within the interior Module LCM series.